Composer - Sound artist

These sounds that invade us


Caroline Boë offers this site as part of a thesis in "Practice and Theory of the Arts" for the PRISM laboratory (Perception Representation Image Sound Music), UMR 7061, under the supervision of the CNRS, Aix-Marseille University and the Ministry of Culture.

The Locus Sonus laboratory, the Aix-en-Provence Superior Art School, are also supporting this project.

Archive of sounds of an era

These Sounds That Invade Us is a participatory sound archive site. The corpus includes sounds that we consider invasive without our knowledge, which are imposed on us and which we would like a priori not to perceive. Often our ears filter them out, and in fact we no longer pay attention to them. Yet they disturb us.

Why not take a step back from a primary repulsion and migrate to an attitude of acceptance? “As far as sounds are concerned, this acceptance involves listening to them from the other side; not from the ideas which establish their relations, but from what could be their physicality. ”(Pardo, 2007, 58).


The site questions our unique perception of these sounds, and invites us to comment on them from a phenomenological and / or poetic point of view, and to appropriate them to us in an artistic way, by simply downloading them.

Everyone can also add their own sounds to make them available to the community. The site also allows the addition of soundscapes composed from these sounds.

Sound recording and uploading workshops - technical and artistic assistance - as well as sound walks from the card are offered.

These walks are designed like a treasure hunt in which you discover, with your ears wide open, the sound source recorded on the map. To experience sound with bare ears - that is to say without amplification - is an experience that might seem trivial to us and yet ... it opens us to geographical and human territory, changes our way of being in the world.


Caroline Boë
Artist-Researcher, Project Designer,

Christine Esclapez
Scientific Director of Aix-Marseille University, responsible for axis 2 of the PRISM-AMU-CNRS Laboratory,

Peter Sinclair
Artistic Director of the Locus Sonus Laboratory, ESA AIX and Ministry of Culture,